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Back, back.

So, compliant guy that I am, I was at the MRI/CT centre for 9.15, since they said in the letter that it's vitally important that people are present 15 minutes before their scheduled scan time.

At 10.25, Jus pointed out that it might be an idea to ask at the desk to make sure they hadn't forgotten me.

They had.

Many apologies ensued. I finally got called for my scan at 10.45. New MRI kit this time - a 1.5 Tesla unit, 50% stronger than my last scan. Techieguy says they're hoping to get a 3T unit sometime soon. They also have some SGI kit (couldn't see what) and Stereographics goggles, just like I used to use in my research.

Music through the headphones this time. Unfortunately it was Mercia FM, our local radio station, so I had to put up with Kylie Minogue while all my hydrogen atoms were being wiggled.

So. There it is. Scan done. Now all I have to do is wait for results, let my consultants bicker over me, and then plan the next phase of getting my spine all fixed up.

I think a nap is in order.

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