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Surfaced again...

Woken by phone: was Ana. Good chat about book project. Chicken soup progresses. SinAPhase 3, cut 3 done: only minor tweakage remains, I think, but then, in the nature of tweaking, even minor tweakage can take forever. *prods Jus about FTP server so people can hear it*

As said recently, Ev is a woobie. And not hostile at all. *glomps Ev for Ronstuff* Must assemble Revelations post for Reparo soon.

Gah. My mouth tastes like I've been sucking pennies. What strange bug causes metallic tastes? have not been ingesting significant quantities of heavy metals recently, AFAIK. At least Jus sounds like he's doing better, and he'll be heading home soon. Maybe I'll still be awake when he gets home, maybe not. Having my day break up into 3-hour segments is very odd.

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