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Tempo question

SinA noodling here while I take a brief brain break from therapy reading, so if you're not a musicgeek, feel free to ignore.

The King's College performance lasts 11:43, which corresponds (damn my lack of metronome) to a tempo of about crotchet=94; the Kronos Quartet's about 9 minutes, somewhere about crotchet=122. I prototyped at crotchet=150, because that helped me proofread/listen more efficiently - the only problem is that I've now heard it so often at 150 that 122 seems a little slow, and 94 seems soupy.

Opinions? anyone able to give me timings for performances other than the ones I mentioned? preferences for performance of that type of piece? any authenticity nuts able to give me "period" tempo indication?

And now back to 'real' work...

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