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Further SinAage...

Crotchet=150 sounded OK for testing one choir, but with eight it does sound just a little manic.

This wasn't improved by my having done something inadvertent that resulted in all the voices being transposed up an octave - kind of a Tallis Hamsterdance :D

So. Tempo down a smidge, and I've tweaked the trebles and altos a little to give them a bit more standout. Ooo, nice. All the fun of being a choral director without having to cope with sniffles and grumps and one very very slightly flat alto - there always is one, isn't there?

And now more work. More more work.

imago - when I said "couple of chapters of Deep Secret", I'd stopped at the start of Chapter 4. I'm now partway through Chapter 9 - and, my goodness, I'm worrying that I've spotted a DWJ-mistake:

The last time he did it - 'Maree, for God's sake that constellation with the belt and the sword - fellow who rode on the dolphin's back - you know' - and I told him, 'Orion,'

*blink* Orion was the hunter with the belt and the sword, but it was Arion of Lesbos who rode on the dolphin!

*worries that even DWJ may have slipped in fact-checking and hopes it's merely a character error*

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