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Tamar and Tamar and Tamar/Creeps on this petty pace...

Well, in brief, a mixed bag.

I got to Tamar. Big surprise, the staff had brought each of us Tamarites a Christmas gift. Awwwwwww, bless! I got a lovely navy-blue scarf.

Christmas lunch was fun. Crackers, paper hats, turkey, Christmas pud with brandy sauce. Sure, it was institutional catering, but... I'm glad I went.

Then *sigh* pearshapedness. Somehow, even though the benefits advisor was there, and he managed to see everyone else who'd booked an appointment with him, I slipped through the cracks. He'd left, believing that he'd dealt with everyone, and the staff didn't realise we hadn't got together. Ah well. They were really apologetic, and I have another appointment booked for the 2nd. However, things need to move, so I'm going to be superbrave (thanks to Karen, who'll be my portable source of superbraveness) and go to the actual benefits office and start claiming on Monday - can't go tomorrow, because of lack of transport and Karen, since she has prior commitments.

Thank you for using my haematite for a focus, Fire. Thank you Ev and Mark and everyone else for prayers and strengthening thoughts, because I think I needed them to get through the disappointment and failure of plans even more than if I'd actually had my appointment.

Jus had to work late tonight in London, so he didn't get back until after 2am *sigh*. And tomorrow it's his company's Christmas do. OK, call me a pessimist, but from the descriptions I've had of previous years (this is the first time he and I shall be going), it ends up with all the (male) employees at the bar swigging tequila and talking techyboy, and all the longsuffering wives and girlfriends and a solitary female secretary abandoned at the other end of the room, no doubt exchanging knitting patterns. *sigh* Guess I'd better be prepared to refresh my knitting skills. And before anyone says I'm pandering to sexist stereotypes - unfortunately, in this company, that's exactly how it seems things are. Gah.

Can you tell I'm not feeling wowed at the prospect, somehow?

Anyway. Too weary to read LJ tonight, so comments on everyone's stuff will have to await the morrow.

*thud* *snore*

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