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Well, the works do I mentioned wasn't half as bad as I'd feared it might be. The Pipemedia bunch are about as nice a bunch of geeks as any other I've met. Hm. They really should employ me as a documentation person.

The do happened here, if anyone's interested. Good food, pleasant ambience, music perhaps a little loud. I'd certainly recommend it if anyone's looking for a good meal in Leicestershire.

Karen and I found ourselves in need of analgesia, and Jus was still bone weary after having got home at 2.45am and still having to work in the morning as usual, so we didn't stay late. Jus went to bed immediately on getting home, and I lay down to give him a goodnight snuggle, intending to get stuff done for an hour or so... and then I woke up, still dressed, the bedroom light still on. It's impressive what very little wine is needed to sedate me utterly nowadays.

Maybe a couple more hours' nap, I think. Then to town to do bank stuff, library stuff, and no doubt stuff stuff. Must do tax return this w/e, it's getting close to the deadline.


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