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I just calculated how much morphine I've taken in the last 36 hours. Over 200mg. Cripes.

Guess I'm not going to be going to Manchester after all *cries*.

Happy New Year, mattp! Have a spiffy partay. I love you. I'll try to come up soon as I can, promise. I was going to call you on Christmas Day to wish you a merry Christmas, but guess which yoyobrain printed the wrong dorcument?

Dorcument? Oh my. I like that word. Definitely fits some of the user information I've had to work on :)

I suppose I shan't be doing the big update for a while yet, so a whizz-flash-poof of highlights (Hm. Sounds rather Gilderoyish, actually). News of my old housemaster, Alan Reed, who's now just retired and by odd coincindence has been appointed churchwarden at my aunt's church. I was so glad to hear he's well and happy - he's one of my three best teachers ever. I've asked my aunt to give him my address; I'd love to write him a letter to let him know what a fascinating life it's turned out to be. Was very definitely a Good Thing to be able to meet up with wandra and the_maenad on Saturday evening. Thank you everyone who sent lovely cards and pressies and cuddles and phone calls to us both. meallanmouse, that Turkish Delight-like candy is ASTOUNDINGLY lovely! and the notecard is one of the most exquisitely crafted things I've seen in a long time. *snuggle* Wonderful phone call with griffen last night, so full of good news. I really don't think I could work out where to start counting all my blessings.

Time to lie down again a bit. Love you.

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