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Sic itur ad astra

Well well. I'd be minded to call the benefits system Byzantine except that I can't imagine the BA having Procopius writing their user leaflets and I'm not sure that bribery (or bellydancing) would be of any use.

Right. Let me just see if I've got this right. I should apply for Invalidity Benefit - though I won't get it, because it depends on having the appropriate level of NI credits (and I've been on low-income exemption ever since starting freelancing). I should also apply for Income Support - which I won't get, because I have to be able to work to be eligible for it. But - by some legerdemain - I will get IS, because I'm too sick to work... as long as I apply for Invalidity Benefit. Da capo al segno.

John, the nice advisor from the Benefits Agency, so deposeth. *smile* He also says I should get me posthaste to the CAB, because they'll help me fill out my forms to my best advantage. I had the distinct impression that he followed that subliminally with "see, I'm not allowed to tell you how best to exploit the system, but they're dab hands at it *broad wink*".

CCCS forms arrived this morning. Shall usefully employ the evening with Jus filling them in.

My adorable Evil Triplet Stevy has managed, unintentionally I'm sure, to cause my head to pervert the Aeneid: for those of you with sufficent Latin - Et Thybrim multo spumantem semine cerno. Well, apart from the obvious Jarman Sebastiane, has anyone ever done a gay porn movie in Latin? but not casting Enoch Powell, I hope *shudder*. Yaaaay, this reminds me so much of third form, hunting down the bits of Ovid and Catullus that'd been expurgated from our texts. Which also reminds me that I should start thinking of character stuff for heteronormative...

On roleplay: yeesh. I'm still having huge problems dealing with Charlie's murder on reparo. Character death usually doesn't affect me anything like this, even if it's my own. If anyone'd asked me before it happened, I'd have shrugged and said "It's eminently plotworthy, I'll be fine, go to it!" Now... well hell, I'm not fine. Jokes about Inner!George... somehow they're not so funny any more. One of my components is devastated. Every time I so much think about putting fingers to keyboard, all I get is a tiny voice crying "He'll never call me his little kneazle again". Absolutely no blame to Charlie's player, none whatsoever, I think she's a superb roleplayer, but... yikes. It's scary to have this happen to me.

Chili's cooking. Jus is on his way home. I'm rendering all the Dunstable I've got out to MP3 so I can work out how large the webspace needs to be... and I have another choral project about to hatch. Anyone who knows my "significant musics" can probably guess. Oh, OK: guess, anyone who wants to. If nobody gets it, I'll drop clues.

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