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*grin* A day, eh.

Well, that was an afternoon, evening and night!

Lots of to-and-fro phonecallage with Katherine about the book proposal. Minidisc recorder acquired for doing interviews/session recordings, which rocks. GW more than happy to defer draft chapter to end February, which is indeed sensible. I do love complaisant and wise publishers. Winchester meeting on for end of the month; Katherine won't be able to make the Monday morning due to drug company (who part-fund her) meeting, but she should be there for the rest. My CV etc hadn't arrived, so resent, and arrived promptly. Yay. Sucks that it didn't get there first time. Now all I have to do is find a B&B near to the Therapy Unit in Winchester and provisionally book room(s).

Phonecall from T about C and the Bastard Social Workers. They've put him on the At-Risk register for no earthly reason, but that's about par for the course with Coventry Social Services, as far as I can tell, given that they're officially rated worst performing in the UK by the government. Tried to be reassuring that it doesn't mean he'll be taken away from them, but... well. It has to be worrying.

Much Reparoage with Phnee, Fire and later Griff, woobies all three. Griff's apping for Molly Weasley, which I think he'll be fine at. Wrote something for her plot which had me in tears. Dear me, I do seem to be turning on the old waterworks rather frequently of late. Nothing wrong with that, though.

Then long chat while doing further Phneeage with Griff, Fire and Jo. How to defeat Death Eaters using only food. That's what being spread halfway around the world will do for you - someone's bound to be at least half asleep and thus prone to silliness. This is good. Had great fun imagining George talking with his oldest brother Bill (Phnee's boy) and expecting Bill's jaw to start ratcheting down in shock, while Bill tries to keep appearing to be the cool, nonchalant and utterly worldly big bro. It is to laugh, my dears. We may do at least our quota of angst, we Reparobates, but we still keep our sense of the absurd.

Jo is officially Very Silly because of this. Midori, eh? figures.

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