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Today was the day for going to the CAB for help on getting my forms filled in. The helper was very sweet, but... heck. Fully trained? I think not. He read through the Invalidity Benefit form as though it were the first he'd ever seen. And did he know whether same-sex couples are treated as "couples" for the purposes of benefit in the UK? He did not. I had to tell him, then when he became even more querulous, had to suggest that perhaps he might go and look in the benefits reference handbook.

And so on. And so on. 3/10, and I'm being *charitable*.

Still, beggars can't be choosers, I suppose; if I want help, I have to put up with what I can get. All I can hope for is that he hasn't manked it up too totally. It was really kind of Jus both to to-and-fro me there and to sit and handhold while I twitched and tried to answer, particularly since he gave up his morning off to do so. *snuggles his pusscatman*

And so then it was too late, and I too stressed, to face Tamar, particularly since Karen had to attend Louise's speech therapy this afternoon, so couldn't pick me up from Tamar, and the idea of facing a solo bus journey on a baddish pain day and not much sleep... no. So I called Tamar and apologised, and they said "Not to worry, we were just going to call you to check you were OK". Which is nice, but if I'm not OK I actually can't answer the phone :)

GP appointment scheduled for 11am this Friday. I need prescriptions, and, more critically, a backdated sicknote (seems the benefits can be backdated three months).

And now I'm going to make a cup of tea and lie down a while. *hurty!Kay*

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