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Yesterday wasn't so hot, either

but I did the sensible thing and rested, with lots of drugs, and made sure I didn't wake up until the evening. That way I could either stay awake until after my GP appointment this morning, or take naps through the night. The nap plan almost worked, until one of the current gang of ghosts did the "Listen to me!" act until I agreed to write stuff down for him. That was on top of a pair of squeelicious (sorry, pistorius, I know you don't like squeeing - and what was the cheese question, by the way?) reparo posts from me and griffen.

But no, damnitall, Freddie wouldn't let me rest - typical ghost behaviour, I suppose - until I'd put down a little drabble for him. Weepworthy, it is. I need to check a few details with meallanmouse, since it's verging close to a wonderful ficlet she wrote, but... oh my. Section III, Subsection 2a, para 3 of the Trafficking with the Living Act, indeed :D

Anyway, time to take a bath. Good morning, all.

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