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So I've started on Monday's curry - a good curry takes time. All's going well until I find that I have no gur. No, not 'grrrrr', though that's an appropriate noise to be making.

Look for molasses, my fallback position. No molasses.

Look for brown sugar. Guess.

*beam* Find bottle of ketjap manis. Hurray! *dances around kitchen*

*does the "four lovely mangoes for a quid" dance also, because he forgot to do it earlier*

  • Rah!

    The DVT Team have just got back to me, and I have a scan scheduled at 2:30 this afternoon. I'll let you all know how things are going when I get back.

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  • Wonderful name!

    I just got spam from "Geniality J. Dachshunds". For some reason I find that name delightful.

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