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I'm back. I'm very very wet. At least it wasn't particularly cold rain. Now I need lunch, rest, and reparoness, then Deadlands tonight, where the gang are about to be feasted with this rather spiffy curry I've been doing.

Today's results so far: one bunch of forms signed, sealed and delivered; new form ("So you used to be self-employed, hunh?") obtained. Accommodation in Winchester for next week for me and Kaffwink all done.

Iron horse rental done for upcoming trip to Proxima Thule. No, this is not the "the Scotland trip" which I'm still scheduling for spring (face it, who needs to risk the skiddy hills of Edinburgh in winter with my back?), this is just some cutprice t00bery to St Andrews. Of course, if any of the mob want to dive up/across to St Andrews on the 30th-3rd to see me and meet woobie!John and all the assembled t00beurs and -euses, I'm sure you'd be welcome. I'd think of coming to see you but a) I'm poor and b) I'll have done mad hours in a train already and am not likely to be ultramobile, so if you want me you'll have to come and get me :D

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