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Yeah, I know, I know, I was back yesterday, and I've been doing loads of comments in people's journals, so why haven't I got off my lazy arse and done a proper update?

*shrug* I suppose because nothing momentous happened.

Due to various crapnesses - Jus and I are both disorganised, but in mutually disadvantaging ways - we didn't actually set off on the roadtrip until six pm on Christmas Eve. Which, given that we were due at my aunt's at 7.30, and she lives a minimum of two and a half hours away, was fairly poor. We had to stop off in Nottingham to drop off Jus's family's gifts and to say hi to those we could find... not easy, since the whole of the rest of his family seem to share his particular brand of chaos!

So we got to York about 9.30, by which time my sister, her husband and their kids had left (the littlest had flaked out; given that she's only three, not unreasonably), so it was just my aunt and uncle, their son, his boyfriend and his daughter, my parents and Jus and I. We stayed a little while, then pursued my folks back to their house, where we were staying.

Christmas Day we spent with my sis and her bunch, and I had huge fun playing with my nieces and nephew. All very pleasant.

Boxing Day: mum and dad have decided that they're Officially Frail (sheesh, people, watch me as I get into my seventies and if I ever say anything like that, whap me upside the head, please?) so instead of the usual clan get-together chez them, we all (except for Julian and Michael, who for some reason I can't fathom weren't invited - more of this later) trogged off to the local pub for lunch. Yikes, I don't know how much salt their chef used, or whether my tastebuds are oversensitised by using little salt when cooking, but eww, it was salty!

Then time to pack, and a 40-mile drive to visit Julian and Michael, together with my aunt and uncle. A neat time was had, marred only by two things: Justin did his "see-food-and-eat-it" thing, which would be OK if he weren't diabetic, and I'm very glad I insisted he tested his blood before we were going to set off, because it was over 16mmol/l. Not good :( Fortunately, Julian and Michael offered us their spare room for the night. So we hung around and did lots of talking, much of which centered around the "issue" of Julian being out, or not out, to various bits of our family, which led to a few rather disquieting and unpleasant revelations. Somebody - conjecturally, either my aunt or my mother (or both) - seems to be using it as some kind of strategy in their usual sisterly powerplay. Now, I don't at all mind them being bitchy with each other - heck, what are siblings for? - but when it ends up with poor Mike getting hurt in between them, it makes me exceedingly angry. I'm not sure what's going on, but I sure as heck am going to find out, and I'm going to be not at all happy with whoever's responsible. Shit, I've been out to them all for umpty years, Jus is Part Of The Family, I would have thought that having a nonstraight kid was just not a big thing in our family after I did all that icebreaking. So what the fuck are they playing at?

Annnnnyway. We woke up, breakfasted off the remains of the previous day's feast, and headed off down to Nottingham. Spent a while seeing Justin's Dad's new house (he and Gail were away on holiday in Stratford, so at least we didn't have to deal with them too much. Don't get me wrong, they're good enough people, but I don't find them so easy to be around). Dan (Jus's brother) and I discussed his plans for doing his PhD in the US rather than here. Then off to see El (Jus's littlest sister) at her flat for a quick cup of tea. Nice to see her again.

At long last, a day later than we'd intended, back to Coventry. A quick stop off to see Bry, Karen and the kids, then home to bed.

So now you know what I've been up to while I was away...

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