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Sodding headache

It wasn't a fully-fledged migraine, but it was bad enough, and I have that awful feeling of being bruised inside my cranium. Crunchy neck and shoulders, crunchy nose (always a bad sign, that one)... I think I'm going to have a hot bath (and for me a hot bath is HOT) to try to leach away the aches.

My writingbabies are crying at me for attention. Given that Griffee's off at school and then having fun with Teal (envy!) I shall give poor Ceris a turn, since I don't think there's anything for me to write on the George / Fred / Molly / Freddie / Laurence story that I can do without Griff.

And Mik is rolling his eyes and saying "I suppose that when you've finished talking with Ceris you're going to come and pester me, aren't you?" Poor lad :)

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