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Short-term movements of the wombat

Due to Microsoft, things that should have got done today didn't, and will have to be done tomorrow, so assertions that I'd be around "pretty much all day" on Sunday should be discounted. There's lots to be done tomorrow, and I doubt I'll be home much at all before late evening.

And then not online much, since I'm catching an early train to Winchester on Monday morning for an Ana-training session with Katherine, and I shan't be back until mid-evening Tuesday at the earliest.

Wednesday afternoon I catch a train to Proxima Thule, where I shall be Mact00baging with the lovely queerasjohn and assorted t00bs until the afternoon of the following Tuesday. I'll be home after ten that night, but don't expect much of an online presence until I've recovered from my expedition.

I'll probably have some online time while chez John, so mail me at the usual address and I'll probably be able to pick it up at some point, but I wouldn't count on LJ or chat.

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