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Woo fuckin' hoo.

Guess what?

What I Did On My Two-Day Trip to Winchester, by Kay

8:24, train to Winchester. Arrive Winchester 10:15 or so, have fag. Decide to go straight to the hospital rather than drop bags off at guesthouse, since I'm not flush with time, given I should be at the hospital for 10:45 and I'm not quite sure where either the hospital or the guesthouse is. Catch taxi to hospital, therefore. Find therapy department, find reception desk. Ask for direction to the Small Gym, since that's where the course is running; explain I'm Ana's co-author. Receptionist says "Oh goodness", and my heart does that little all-is-not-well sink. You know the one. Ana's been taken ill at 8:45 this morning, it seems, been admitted to A&E. No detailed info on what's wrong with her. Lucky we're having the workshop at a hospital, eh? Well, it's cancelled. Sine die. So I try phoning Katherine's moby, since she's ensconced with drug reps somewhere and will be arriving in Winchester early afternoon. She doesn't answer. No answering service. So I phone her at home and at the office and leave messages saying "Don't come to Winchester!" Phone the nice Mrs Williams at the guesthouse - who also isn't in - and leave abject message crawling for having to cancel our booking for that night, with many promises of booking there if the workshop is rescheduled. Phone Jus to let him know I'm coming home today. Phone K again, she answers: I tell her about Ana and not to come to Winchester, and she thanks me. Hoo-bloody-rah, something has gone right today... Still no news of Ana from the department staff; they think that she'll have gone home to Bath if she's mobile and will be unreachable if not. Apologise sincerely for inconveniencing them and using their phone. Walk back to station with heavy bag of kit and stuff because I'm not blowing three more quid on a trivial little walk. Note to self: a trivial taxi ride in one direction is not necessarily a trivial walk in the other, particularly under blue skies and blazing sun. So *phbbbbbbt* to people who claim it's never sunny in the UK. It is - but only when it can inconvenience me. Stop at post office and buy postcards for Griffee. Catch 11:28 to Coventry. Arrive Coventry, limp into town, buy hot chocolate, have fag, catch bus home, come in, dump bags, write LJ entry.

The End.

So you can revise the plans. I'm here tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday morning. James, game on?

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