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Diary of a MacT00b, part the first

Apart from minor delays to the trains, that was actually quite a pleasant journey, albeit needing to be fueled with 40mg of morphine. We even got a ten-minute fag break at Edinburgh Waverley.

The bonus was that as I was heading out of Leuchars station towards the bus stop for St Andrews, a guy offered me and the other person waiting a lift. Very kind, particularly as he dropped us in the right street, and I even had company in finding John's place, since my fellow passenger turned out to live two doors along from John.

We didn't get to bed until past four. Much chatting and musicing and writing Britpicking notes. Also consequentially did not get up until past two this afternoon. All is well and good, and I'm having a spiffy time. I really am not finding this flat iBook keyboard easy to use, but I'm sure I'll grow into it soon enough.

More coffee.

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