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Busy, busy, busy...

So it turns out to be more practical that I go over to Birmingham this evening, stay over at Katherine's, then we both get a taxi to BNS to catch a train to Nottingham tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow won't quite be a replacement for the abortive Winchester meetup a fortnight ago, since it will be a series of talks rather than a two-day training session, but I'll be there with the minidisc recorder grabbing plenty of Ana- and Kaffwink-goodness for later transcription - and then very definitely On With The Book!

I should be back Monday evening for Deadlands - all being well, and assuming it's happening.

Then Tuesday: my spinal bod's shifted the appointment, so no hospital in the morning, but I shall have to go to Tamar in the afternoon to grumble at them. I told them I shouldn't be there for two consecutive Tuesdays, but... well, obviously the message went adrift, since they've discharged me! I'll have to go and explain that I do definitely need to not be discharged.

Gah. That's a bit of complication I could well have done without.

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