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Meh, I'm hungry...

I know, I should go and eat. Problem is, this is bodyhunger not brainhunger (probably because I'm so focussed on The Book that I can't think about very much at the moment beside dementia - which may or may not be ironic), so trying to get my head motivated for eating hasn't worked well so far. And *sigh* what with my being away Nottinghaming and roleplaying on Monday, Jus working late yesterday, and him being down at Telehouse today, there's not a huge amount in the house to eat. Shopping needs to be done, but a) I'm not very mobile today and b) I've got no money.

Sheesh, I'm whiney today, aren't I?

Nil desperandum, though; while there's pasta and garlic and olive oil, I can make myself as happy as Larry. There may even be a bit of cheese too, which I shall decide is a luxury pro tempore so that I can feel indulgent enough to get off my arse and get cooking.

Meh, the SS are still sending me bloody forms and not money. This is irking me badly enough that I fear I'll just stress so much over the forms I shan't be able to complete them. And I still have to phone Tamar to, well, not complain at them, but to let them know there's a problem.

On the good side, I should be starting my Back To Life intensive physio/hydro programme on the third of March - assuming I can survive travelling by Ring and Ride.

Right now I don't feel very wonderful or confident, though. Poo.

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