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Well, before I plunge inextricably into madfuck writing mode, I'd better let you all know how it's going.

Comments back from K. She's substantially pleased. The bookplan has taken a bit of a revise, but I think it's all the better for that, as it helps separate the theoretical material from the practical. This is all good. I think we'll have this sample chapter sparkling by Deadline Day.

I jokingly suggested putting the "Five-Minute Neuroanatomist" in as a sidebar for the unfortunately necessary chapter on neurology - and she loves the idea! OTs always seem to be so intimidated by the medics, so letting them have a bit of a giggle at neurologists should set them in a happier frame of mind for the relatively tough stuff ahead. And, honestly, it does contain an important message: don't be put off by the jargon and the Big Words.

Now that Ana's recovered from the nasty bout of food poisoning that abruptly preempted the Training Days in Winchester, she's rescheduled them for the 7th and 8th of April in Andover. My goodness, doing this book is causing me to do a bit of travel...

Right. Enough. On with the motley.

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