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Monday Monday

Very strange dreams this morning, involving my grandmother not being dead, my youngest niece having her 14th birthday (not due for a decade or so, actually) and my having sex with a guy who I later discover to be my grandmother's cousin's grandson. Lots of "family responsibility" themes in there, for some reason.

Jus' nana called yesterday to say that Charles is back in hospital again, the previous op having failed (Jus said it was something to do with him not having eaten enough bananas and thus having too low potassium levels, but surely there are easier ways of ensuring dietary K+ intake than relying on bananas?), and if he's fit enough they'll operate again this Thursday. Good thoughts, please.

And now I'm all nice and ready for my first Back To Life session. The Ring&Ride bus calls for me at 1.30pm - I should get lunch, wouldn't do to have a hypoglycaemic flakeout in mid-pool, would it?

First cut of Carver's O bone Jesu is currently rendering. I don't suppose any of you know or care, but Carver is the only composer from the British Isles known to have written a Mass on "L'homme armé". I think I need to sequence that. He deserves it.

Oh, BTW, for anyone who's interested, the userpic is the new Draco icon.

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