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Back to... Square One *sigh*

So much for the sensible idea of ringing the Physio team last week to check what time the Back To Life sessions are. The person to whom I spoke opined that they started at 2pm, and would be finished by 3.30; alas, there was nobody from the BTL *gets Red Dwarf twitches* team there to check.

I booked transport, therefore, at 1.30 (to get me there for 2) and at 4 (to give me time to get dressed after the session). All good.

Ring&Ride arrived early; in fact, just after I'd done the last update here, so I was at the baths rather early. No matter, I'd brought one of the Alys Clare Hawkenlye books, so I had something to do, even if the benches in the waiting area were uncomfortable.

At 2.15 I was beginning to get a bit twitchy. Thereupon someone wearing Physio uniform sat down on the bench nearby, so I asked her what time the session was due to start. You know That Look people give you, as though you'd fallen from Mars? I got That Look.

It seems the person in Physio had given me completely wrong information. Sessions start at 12.15 and finish at 2.30 *sigh*. She sighed and handed me the letter she'd just been getting ready to send me saying "You missed your session. Please phone or turn up for the Thursday session, or we'll deregister you." Very apologetic for the crossed wires she was, but still...

So there I was, untherapied and having to wait until 4 for my transport home. I did the slow limp into town, did a little shopping, had a mug of tea and a chicken baguette, then limped back to catch my transport home.

R&R transport is a LOT more comfortable for my back than the usual buses; it may be the shorter wheelbase, since I generally do better in cars, minibuses and taxis than the standard long buses. Since it costs £1.00 from door to door, rather than the 80p offpeak standard bus fare, I think I shall be using R&R quite a lot for journeys I can plan the necessary two days in advance.

And now to relax...

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