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In re: mayonnaise. A retraction.

Justin has calmly pointed out that in my rant on mayonnaise a few weeks ago, I perpetrated a couple of inaccuracies.

1) His mayo is not "low fat".

Indeed. The jar in question is, in fact, Tesco's own-brand mayonnaise, and actually has a higher fat content and calorific value than Hellmann's.

It still tastes like cryptslime, mind you.

2) It's not for definite that his hyperglycaemia is due to diabetes. It could be a side-effect of his medication.

True: but I'd rather be safe than sorry, and really, it's not so much a matter of why his sugar's high as that high blood glucose levels have nasty effects. Anything that lowers them can't be a bad thing.

We now return you to your regular debauched, whingeing, hunger-panging, cranky old Wombat.

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