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Well, that wasn't a good pain day. 160mg of morphine dulled it down, but still - OW! and then, of course, the nausea. Projectile-puking a can of blackcurrant and lemon fizz looks quite impressive. Must have someone with a camera ready for next time with flash, because I bet it's still fluorescent on the way out. x_mass phoned to talk to me about something interesting she'd seen on painkillers, but I was too sick to talk then - I hope I didn't sound too abrupt and grumpy, but my guts were getting ready for the next installment :(

Got the next round of DSS forms (the selfemployment and the sickness benefit self-assessment ones) done last night - go me, yay - and Jus has dropped them in to Cofa Court this morning, so I don't need to trek there to hand them in, and can go to the library instead if my back will hold up. Maybe I'll get some money out of them this time, instead of just More Forms.

*bounces* I passed my auditions for aparecium_rpg! the_malfoy and filius_f are ready to run. *bounces*

griffen, sweetie, what time did I say I'd be back this afternoon? I can't remember if I'd booked my R&R ride when we last spoke, so I'll say it in case: the transport won't be picking me up until 4pm, so I shan't be home before 4.30 at the earliest.

Right. Time to pack swimshorts and towel for BTL and library books to return. See you all later.

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