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*stares at self suspiciously*

I remembered the dream I had this morning. The reason I didn't remember it earlier is that it seemed so utterly plausible, and I only discovered that it wasn't real when I asked Jus whether he'd insisted I get my hair cut this morning. He said that he hadn't, so I asked whether he'd said he was going to have his hair cut. He said he needed it cut soon, true enough, but that he hadn't mentioned that to me. Then I remembered.

In the dream, Jus was being most insistent that I have my head shaved, so that he could build a filesystem on my scalp.

Now, thinking idly of going to bed, I catch myself contemplating how nice it would be to have a sparkly chitinous carapace with pretty pretty elytra.

My brain isn't normally quite this strange. Heyho, off to the dreamy arms of Morpheus we trot. G'night all.

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