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Another day of small chaoses

Nothing dramatic, just stuff isn't sequencing the way I'd expected.

Eh, don't sweat the small stuff. And in the long run it's all small stuff.

Two journal posts for aparecium_rpg - I think I'm actually the first person to post character diary entries.

A funny icon done for mommybird, which I hope she likes.

Abstract done for the Collaboration in Health and Social Care September conference in Norwich. Katherine's asked me if I'd like to go along to co-present, since we're hoping to do split-group workshops, and having more than one facilitator would be useful.

Sensation along the little finger side of my left arm still hasn't come back properly from where I banged my elbow, though it's definitely improved.

It seems to have taken less time than I expected for Jus to help Bryan fix his car, so I shall be being called for much earlier than I'd expected to go and cook Sunday dinner for B&K and the kids, and I'll have that much less time for stuff I'd hoped to do this afternoon. I'll also be needed for picking the kids up from school on Wednesday afternoon.

Little fragments of a life without good organisation.

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