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A day in brief

Woke up a bit later than I'd wanted. Did stuff. Frubbled at Griffee in mail etc. Remembered the dream I'd had where I dreamed what Draco was dreaming, which turned into this scene. Went to BTL. Crapped out on the gym exercises. I'm not good at working at my own pace when I'm in a group and people are outperforming me. If I'm in that kind of context, I need to perform creditably - and preferably beat everyone else. That's why I'm not at all competitive - I'm too competitive if I don't stop myself from competing. And I'm not fit to do that. So I kind of hurt myself a bit. Still, I thrashed everyone in the poolwork, so I didn't feel too wretched. Which is wrong thinking, but that's how I work. I wish I didn't. Then a spot of shopping - picked up two more cheap bags of Jordan's maple and pecan crunch at a quid per kilo, not bad at all, and three good heads of broccoli, which I'll probably turn into broccoli and Stilton bake. Got home, finished off the Aparecium scene, chatted with Griff, did email, cooked chicken, mushroom and garlic soup for RP tonight. Went to RP. Much fun. Fu and his sifu demonstrated the noble art of decapitating baddies with a cup and saucer, and Joshua actually killed someone, to his (and everyone else's) shock. Josh is feeling somewhat deprived, because he's been advised that letting his big black cock be seen in Utah will probably get him lynched. *pout* He's got nothing against the Mormons, why should they hate him for being a big blond strapping cute Voodoo boi? Deadlands quip of the night: "So how do Wounds work?" "Well, they're holes in your skin, and blood and guts leak out of them." And so now home, clutching MegaTokyo Volume 1 - what, I need to sleep? - having tempted Andy and Paul to become devoted slaves of MT.

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