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Yeah, feeling pretty bloody disgusting

Which is explaining my odd hours. I've actually been pretty diurnal this last couple of weeks, but I've gone onto shifted time again somehow, probably to do with being ill.

Got home from BTL yesterday afternoon, did mail and LJ a bit, then curled up in bed with tea and Marcus Didius Falco. Fell asleep, still dressed. Got woken up by Jus returning about 1am, maybe a bit later; more car troubles, the alternator having gone, and the RAC having been needed. No wonder he didn't feel like having a sick hot wombat babbling witlessly at him. Tried to get back to sleep; failed. Got up. Did mail, LJ, user pic for meallanmouse, more LJ. Crawled back to bed bubbling like a swamp about 6.45am. Gave Jus lots of cuddles while he woke up. Listened to the news and fumed.

I've just taken quite some amount of ibuprofen. I may actually be a wee bit delirious, since my head is working even less properly than usual, temporal dislocation taken into account. I can't find the thermometer, but a casual hand-to-the-forehead feels like it should sizzle like an iron.

At least I still have some unread books from Monday, so I think I'll get another mug of tea, retreat to the pit, finish off Three Hands In The Fountain, and, if I'm still awake, start another book.

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