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Monday Monday

Well well.

Spent most of yesterday and last night throwing up. Hence I'm running on not much sleep, and it's a long day ahead, physically and mentally.

My neck has also decided to start playing up. Every time I move my head, my neck makes a crunching sound, as though I've got grit in my cervical vertebrae.

Draco's been selected as a prefect in aparecium_rpg. Woohoo - now to terrorise people exercise the responsibility with dignity and humility. Lora's given me lots of good ideas, so I'll be brewing a scenelet to have taken place on the Hogwarts Express :)

griffen is having a wonderful time for various reasons right now, and I'm so happy!

BTL today, then necessary shopping that didn't get done over the weekend, then round to mrph's this evening for Deadlands - Salt Lake City, here we come!

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