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Here goes another virginity

Yes, Virginia, I still have a few.

Jus brought back from Karen's tonight the DVD of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which he'd rented from our itinerant DVD rental guy. Yes, I've still not seen the film. I'm not a film person. About the only way I feel OK to watch films is on my computer, alone, where I can turn them off whenever I feel like it. Just one of my little quirks.

I can see me getting no work done tomorrow - unless I discover that it's incompatible with my vision of How Things Should Be, and eject it unwatched. I'm no respecter of Official Versions - I know how I want things to be, and if they're incongruent with my desires, tant pis. Heavens know, the books are bad enough in my inordinately unhumble opinion; that's why I have the insane urge to do things better via RP.

It's particularly good that it's here this weekend, for I shall be without Mac200bage, alas. *feels sad and lonely all of a sudden*

In other news, I am pissed off with my bank. I managed to coax the debt collection agency that are handling my Big Bad Debt to accept payments of £20 per month; I set up the standing order to pay them, and today - guess what - I get a snotty letter from the aforesaid agency berating me for not having made that first payment, and threatening me with the Big Legal Stick. I am, to say the least, unhappy. Off to the bank tomorrow, therefore, to find out how they managed to cock up a simple thing like a monthly standing order. And then to grovel pitiably at Messrs Capitalist and Bastards and to make speedy payment arrangements after relaying whatever excuses my so-called bank come up with.

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