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Am back from BTL

(which stands for Back To Life).

Well, that's the course done, and I have the certificate to prove it.

Analgesia time, definitely. Much with the morphine, yeth.

Harmony Assistant 8.3.1 is behaving oddly, or my understanding of the differences between MA and HA is incomplete. MIDI data seems to be exported incorrectly. There may be wurgly problems with SysEx block timings, but that's just the best guess I have. I'll be doing a minimal-stuff boot to see if it's something interfering. The interference problem I find isn't as bad with Windows boxen as it is with Macs - when I had to deal with graphic design students (who of course were so so creative they absolutely had to use Macs, even though they were mere package users, and 90% of the packages were available for Widnoze - perhaps this preciosity is a component of my Macloathing) and they'd always have a string of startup gunk, at least one component of which was bound to interfere with another, and it took ages to deal with the problem: and I wasn't even one of the technicians, who took the brunt of the idiocy.

Anyway. This is supposed to be a rant-free day, at least until I'm pilled up and sanguine again. And I have aparecium_rpg Ebilness boiling out of my ears, so Fear Draco. Next time it won't just be your underwear :D

Right: boot, tea, drugs, ebil. Story of my life, really.

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