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Wergh. Good news, bad news...

Good news is that I called Darren this evening and had a great chat with him. He's sounding in good form, and they should be letting him out of hospital in the next day or so.

Bad news is that I ended up taking so much morphine today that I got hit by the horrors: puking, gut cramps (serious can't-talk-can't-breathe cramps), sweating, respiratory flakeout; I ended up lying on the bathroom floor with my pants round my ankles whimpering very quietly, and feeling so wretched all I could say to Jus, who'd just got home, was "leave me alone. go to bed. can't move."

Which was stupid because opiate collapses aren't things you should be left alone for. Sweet boy, he trusts me far too much and did leave me. So I ended up throwing up all over myself and passing out. Fortunately I did have the sense to lie down in the recovery position, so I didn't inhale and I'm not gonna get pneumonia.

Bleh. Urgle agh blugh.

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