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Minor joy is in order.

Snailmail from katherinedeane this morning, which I've just got around to reading, having been nudged by e-mail and a phone call.

A copy of the letter from Colin Whurr, our prospective publisher, plus the comments from the anonymous reviewer on our sample chapter.

Dear Katherine,

Enclosed are the comments of our OT advisor on the chapter from your Parkinson's Disease book.

As you will see, the comments are generally favourable.


I shall look forward very much to hearing from you.

And some of the comments:

This is a very clearly written and informative chapter. The author knows the subject well and is able to put it over in an accessible style. [...] The content is excellent, and entirely appropriate for students or junior professional staff. [...] In general, the chapter is well organised and flows logically. [...] The explanations of hypokinesia and akinesia are very clear and well written.

Some less positive comments, too, but all of them relate to either to points which we've already planned to address or to stylistic opinions. Some we'll take on board; some we'll fight our corner on :)

So - yaaaaaaaaaay! it's not a 'yes'; not yet. But it looks as though it will be one when we've got back to him with our comments on the comments.

*dances merrily*

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