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The citalopram

definitely seems to be doing strange things to me. Fuzzy mouth, thoughts going thirteen to the dozen (not manic, but... edging that way), coordination a bit shot (making far more typing errors than usual) and... oh, hard to say, but definitely odd.

Not unpleasant enough to make me want to stop taking them - in fact not even actively unpleasant at all, simply disconcerting.

Um. Shall I go to Browns tomorrow as discussed with mrph? transport will be the more awkward than expected, because Jus has been gacked to cover for Mike (who should have been doing tomorrow at work, but is poorly), and the citalopram (probably the citalopram) is making me feel - well, not antisocial, but untalkative (not that I'm not liking people, but my head is too occupied for me to pay attention to them) (and there are too many parentheses in this). I think I'm going to go, though. I miss him. And he has a care package from imago for me, which is even more bonusful.

Jus will be doing cover on Monday as well, poor cat; not much of an Easter break for him, after all. I may go in to work with him on Monday to cheer him up - or I may just go bimbling around Leicester. Dunno. *wibble*

Um. Kay's on drugs again. Can you tell?


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