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Doing better

Distinctly better, in fact. Side-effects seem to be settling down, at least the physical ones. I'm not feeling much more talkative, and my brain has turned into pudding, but even that is better than it was. So thankyou to everyone who encouraged me to grit my teeth and stick with it.

I have only the Sanctus of the Felix namque mass left to do. pistorius, did you get my mail with my address? still want me to do a Taverner for you? I know you're probably still in Holy Week comedown, so no rush :)

I have SHEDLOADS of writing to do, and no energy - at least, not tonight - to do it. trakkie, senji and meirion, I have your mail, thank you. Definitely time to get things moving on those matters, but my brain is empty tonight. I should be around tomorrow for chat and stuff; Friday I have my shrink at 9am (eeek!) and then I'll t00b into town for a bit of shopping and research, and then I'll probably be available until early evening since it's mrph's birthday and we're off to Inspire for coffee/nibbles/booze.

But tonight - bed! and unusual_words people, do contribute! which reminds me, I'd better do my word for today before I turn in.

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