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Mercury retrograde or wombat muddleheadedness? Your choice.

So I'm splooshing happily in my bath, and the phone rings. I have twelve rings' grace before the "Go away, I'm not here" kicks in, so I haul myself out of the honey- and orangeblossom-scented foam and answer. It's Katherine. I make my excuses, go and get wet again (finishing off the Ellis Peters) and then call her back.

No more news on Ana's dad :(
And Katherine didn't get the Norwich post. Oh poo. They loved her, but they had someone with more management experience.

So time spent in consolation, and hearing about the excellent wedding she and Dan went to.

Quick perusal of Gibbons list before dressing - notice I've been given the essay I'd volunteered to beta. Get dressed, then beta - do I look stupid?

Ahem. Thank you, peanut gallery.

Beta 4000 words of very good essay, point out a few nits (which I'm later told are the result of cutting and pasting, and not real problems, at which I'm greatly relieved) and relax.

The phone goes again. Shoulder needed to cry on. Become (virtually) wet for the second time this afternoon.

Actually get dressed this time :)

At which point I discover that my timesense has gone absolutely awry, it's seven pm, and I have ooooodles of writing to do. I also have bread to bake. So.

Item one: put on socks.
Item two: go and prep bread.
Item three: do what writing I can in mail.
Item four: do bread.
Item five: do more writing. Or maybe some music. Or something else nice.

That's the plan. Given the way things are going, I'll probably be abducted by aliens instead. See you on Zeta Reticuli.

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