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Sorry for the unannounced, unexplained, unpremeditated, unavoidable absence.

Just one of those little depressive plunges. I can't even explain what happened, let alone why; it just boiled down to me not being able to deal with people even through the computer. I did the 'pull yourself together' trick for gaming on Monday, but as everyone there probably noticed, I wasn't really in peak form. After that I just shut up.

I halfwanted to ask Jus to post something to say I was OK really, but I couldn't even talk with him much and he'd only have fretted pointlessly and I knew it wasn't going to be deep or longlasting, just an unpleasant temporary inconvenience.

Still, I've read a lot this week, and become hooked on Black & White, thanks to Jus :)

Thank you, people who mailed me to check I was OK. It's good to know people are looking out for me.

And this weekend should be fun, because it's lurkingcat's birthday party in Bristol on Saturday - eep, tomorrow! - and I'll see lots of people I haven't seen in far too long (and, I hope, without needing to do a Koshka and turn invisible).

I'll be catching up with stuff after I've had a little nap today, and when Jus and I get back from Bristol.

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