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Am back!

We've just got back from visiting Bristol for lurkingcat's party. It was excellent to see everyone again - I'll try not to let it be so long before my next physical manifestation there, I promise. Actually, we got back to Coventry earlier, but laundry needed to be done, so we went and did laundry and saw Bryan and Karen and the kids too.

It was absolutely great to spend time with imago again - sure, we talk on the phone and mail and stuff, but she gives great hugs, and those just don't have a transfer protocol yet. We have some very Ebil ideas indeed for zabini_blaise and the_malfoy.

Shall write up stuff in more detail later. Tomorrow is a busy day: I have my physio review at 10, then I have to get to the NEC for the book meeting by 12. I don't know how much spare time Ana will have, so I can't tell when I shall be back again; and in the evening there's roleplaying at mrph's, where we shall have to try to save the world (or fail spectacularly) so we can get back to playing Amber.

So correspondence will be caught up with when I've slept, hospitaled and booked, and possibly after RP. As I said, it's going to be a long, travelful and tiring day tomorrow.

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