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A lot of people are having sucky times,

so here's a huge en-masse *snuggle* for you all.

The weather continues vileish: 20 Celsius, 50% humidity, way too much bright sun. At least there's an occasional breeze.

Roleplaying last night was fun, even if Joshua and the rest of the group did spend all of it trudging through the sewers when we weren't attempting desperate feats of skill trying to rescue a half-ton boulder. Unusual, I know: these things generally involve rescuing princesses, captive Elven chiefs, or the Prince's favourite Childe; we get to rescue a large rock daubed with the blood of virgins. The price of failure would be the involuntary return of Salt Lake City to a state of Nature. *slow blink* Yes, I know, that would seem infinitely preferable - except that Joshua's friends and employers think it would be a bad idea, the loa think it would be a bad idea, and (what really swings it) if the rock isn't returned to its rightful owners, a lot of innocent Japanese people will be sucked into Hell.

Joshua can't wait to get out of this industrial cesspit and back to New Orleans.

I'm going to drug myself up, brave the weather and take a slow bimble to Somerfield. It's a long way to go for onions, which is all I really need today, and I should have asked Jus to pick some up for me this morning, but I didn't think. Exercise is good, though, and it'll be nice to walk past people's gardens and enjoy the colours and scents of the flowers.

Speaking of gardeny things, it's nearly time for June drop, which will be a good thing since our poor apple tree managed to set way too much fruit this year, and if there's no drop it'll have to be out with the secateurs or the branches will break by September. It looks as though we shall have plums this year too. The early raspberries are setting nicely, and Justin's loathsome gooseberries are doing well too, which is nice for him. Chilis are superabundant too; I now have enough dried and set to dry to last me through the rest of the year, I think, so the rest will go to making chili oil and to being pickled.

Anyway: enough of today-so-far; time for drugs and shoppage. Toodles!

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