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So while I'm waiting

for the morphine to kick in, I read my Gibbons page and giggle at scarlatti's Googlisms. Why not, I think, and Googlise myself.

mhw is now well
mhw is now open
mhw is to blame
mhw is appropriate
mhw is usually under water and can't be seen
mhw is next for the nerdly one
mhw is working on making left
mhw is a hacking suite for the macintosh
mhw is also licensed to sell direct to retailers in new york
mhw is referred to as high water slack
mhw is ready to establish maximum residue limits
mhw is drug misadministration incidents
mhw is a stand
mhw is around four months
mhw is updated
mhw is currently testing for maximum residue levels
mhw is to ensure that japanese citizens have access to the latest technology in medical devices
mhw is calculating the 12
mhw is the first tool in an
mhw is responsible for the improvement of and promotion of social welfare
mhw is going to be used in applications where it should give real advantages
mhw is not weak in antismoking measures
mhw is of strong opinion that all informed consent procedures including explanation to the subject should be in a written form
mhw is devoting too much effort to the issue of drug prices
mhw is now attempting to identify institutions that can develop frequency analysis databases
mhw is planning to ask the producer of the product to trace back the processing process to the ingredient stage
mhw is required before genetically modified kunihikari can be sold for human consumption
mhw is coordinated at a statewide level by the mental health association
mhw is the first tool in an upcoming suite of software
mhw is coming up in the world people
mhw is to bring to light new and unexpected technologies
mhw is already tried and proven
mhw is a trade event
mhw is reevaluating their quality by dissolution tests
mhw is currently studying dropping the requirement for showing the date of processing
mhw is the clearinghouse for this valuable information
mhw is viewed as part of the regular schedule
mhw is worthy of study and may hold importance for understanding aspects of functional disorders
mhw is the average high water elevation
mhw is content with the safety and effectiveness of the medical device
mhw is now prohibited
mhw is calling attention
mhw is the only cartridge valve with the following features
mhw is expected shortly
mhw is an important part of the height difference method formula
mhw is responsible for the line
mhw is dijkversterking noodzakelijk
mhw is particularly concerned with ensuring its safety
mhw is the same as mhhw
mhw is concerned about the risk of thrombosis and wants safety labelling that warns of this possible side
mhw is planning to introduce before year
mhw is a public hospital operated by mercy health & aged care
mhw is dynamic and constantly moving
mhw is the new agency code
mhw is becoming more resistant to actually following through with the
mhw is proposed in an area outside the designated prohibited areas
mhw is the nation
mhw is way behind the end
mhw is a self
mhw is also offering electronic "manuals" for operations and maintenance
mhw is japan's agency responsible for regulating medical products

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