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Geeky fun.

I remembered about half an hour ago, having been reminded when mattp posted about the self-teaching 20-questions programme, that I haven't submitted any Mindpixels recently. Mindpixels are, pretty roughly, statements about the world in general and constitute the knowledge base for a system called GAC (rather like Doug Lenat's CYC, but much cheaper and more versatile). GAC has about 1 600 000 Mindpixels in its head, and contributors and raters are always needed.

If you want to take a look at the Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project, it's here, with lots of interesting techie-psychie-AIish message boards as well as GAC.

And I just had a lovely phonecall from griffen, which has made me much with the cheerage. Alas, we talked his phonecard empty, but... it was good to talk with him again.

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