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I'm in one of those moods where there are things to do - plenty of them - yet none of them has particular appeal because I don't know what it is I want to do.

A library trip shall have to be done soon, because I've run out of things I can bear to read and have been reduced to reading Hofstadter's Le Ton Beau de Marot - I'm really glad it's Stevy's copy that I'm merely to transmit to someone else, because by the time I'd made it through the introduction and reached page 3 I would otherwise have been ready to hurl it at - no, through - a wall. Have I said that I loathe Hofstadter and all his works? after reading G.E.B I could scarcely bear to hear Die Kunst der Fuge for years. He is smug, self-congratulatory, pavonine, didactic and... grr argh. Those of you who can abide his writing will no doubt love this. Those of you with no ear for language will probably not notice. The rest of you I advise to steer well clear of it.

*has dark visions of forcing DH to eat all his books while chanting "It's not clever, and it's not funny, you oaf!"*

Mild mopeyness, too: since Griff has got a Real Life, and finite time, he's thinking of giving up his online roleplaying stuff. This is all very sensible and quite right, too: why trade real life for fantasy, as he pointed out - he's now got someone actually to do the things with he'd only been able to write about before. The only problem is (and no blame to him, he could hardly have known what's been in my head) that I've been finding it virtually impossible to write George for ages, and now I'll be trying to do a George-without-Fred... that's not going to be at all easy. I'm really in two minds whether it wouldn't be better just to give up trying to get back into a reparo state of mind. I don't want to, but it really doesn't seem fair on the rest of everyone there to have me in this limbo.

Writing, to be honest, just hasn't been flowing at all recently. I know what has to be done to the_malfoy, but... damnitall, it's not going to be nice, and I really hate putting people, even if they're just fictions in my head, through Bad Stuff. *sigh* One of these days I'll have to play a character who is just completely fluffy and angstfree - yeahright, like I could do that :)

Oh well, off to do a spot of cooking. When disinclined to do anything else, there's always supper.

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