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*happy glow*

While harvesting my chili bush - as one does - I had a phonecall from petulans, waiting for his flight at Heathrow.

One thing I can say about Greg is that he has a talent for cheering me up instantly. How could I possibly feel low after a discussion of the cucumber Leitmotiv, the Museum of Penises and the size of whales' cocks, H/D MPREG, my upcoming Bad Plans for the_malfoy, and so much else.

Alas, the conversation was hastily terminated by my smoke alarm going off. Moral: do not forget that you're cooking when having the time of your life with Greg.

To celebrate, and in consideration of an afternoon G&T to reward myself for all this writing, I discovered the remains of a bottle of sloe gin that I made, oooh, must be four years ago. A small glass of ruby deliciousness was raised to Greg, a safe journey, good holidays, and happy returns.

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