Muddle-headed Kay (mhw) wrote,
Muddle-headed Kay

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OK, so I wasn't expecting the Ossie/Draco interaction to work out like that.

Fireworks... squibs... Roman Candles... balls of fire... *thwaps Muse on head*

Sometimes my writerly subconscious works in very odd ways. A chance remark by Draco, of which I thought nothing at the time, tangled up with the reasoning behind something I said to abiku, a Tom Waits song, a drawing that Mervyn Peake didn't do...

Watching the resulting thought trickle through a character's head. Knowing he'll make a decision that's really important, though he'd have no way to know that it is when he makes it, or even perhaps when he's acted on it. But conceivably, if he does, and that jogs a memory, and he can remember why the memory has always confused him, and he looks for the evidence under his nose and where he thinks the rest of it is, and he thinks...

It's the hair that might have given it away earlier. What a difference a dye makes.

Ah well. Time to post Friday's happenings up until the evening, which is where I've decided to make the cut. The Friday night post will be the one that little boys and girls mustn't read.

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