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Awwww, crapweasels!

For the past 30 minutes it's been chucking down rain at last, and I felt so happy. Wash all the allergen crap out of the air, cool everything down, water the garden...

So I head downstairs to make a cup of tea, and the bay window is awash. No, not because someone left the window open, I discover, but because the top of the bay is leaking. So that needs to be fixed. The rain guttering needs to be fixed, too. Then, just as I'm getting newspaper to mop up the worst of it, the downstairs phone goes. It's Jus, so I tell him about it. Turns out he knew, he just hadn't told me *sigh*. Then he asks me to bring the laundry in off the line in the garden. Shit. I hadn't realised he'd put anything out to air, so I hadn't brought it in when the rain started. Then he asks me if we can manage £120 to repair the hydraulic system on the car...

Oh my. It's one of those days in one of those lives. I'm going to write something really bad to happen to Draco, because at least I know that I can make sure there's light at the end of the tunnel for him, no matter how shit it gets while he's in there.

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