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How much air have I breathed in my life so far? lots. I've traveled to, or through, several US states on both sides of the continent; England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Portugal, Austria, Germany, almost but not quite to Poland (if someone hadn't pointed out that I'd caught the wrong bus, I would have!)... inhaling, exhaling, breathing in a little bit of here, breathing out a little bit of there. Carried by breezes, borne in the jetstreams, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, water vapour. In and out.

Some of you I've stayed with; I've shed impalpable dust on, around, and possibly even in you. We've shared breath by proximity and by passion. I've licked stamps attached to letters that have reached every continent except Antarctica, and I've never had anyone to write to there. Yet. Breathe.

Trains and boats and planes; packets and poems and sex, to mangle Shriekback a little. Touched the earth (scuse me while I kiss this guy), splashed in the oceans, eaten and drunk and breathed, excreted and sweated and cum and bled.

So breathe. Breathe in the air. You may well find a trace of me there.

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