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7 Things survey...

Stolen from OD. Lists of seven things that you might not have known about me.

7 things you are afraid of:
1. Sharp things
2. Heights
3. Bridges over water
4. Pain
5. Violence
6. Losing people
7. Loneliness

7 things that make you laugh:
1. Really bad puns
2. Sex
3. Embarrassment
4. Being tickled
5. My friends
6. Silly noises
7. Babies

7 things that make you cry:
1. Pain
2. Watching people mess up and not being able to help
3. Music
4. Sad bits in books
5. Being lonely
6. Scratching my nads after I've chopped chilis
7. Beauty

7 things I love:
1. Feeling useful
2. Being naked
3. Getting wet
4. Cuddles, kisses, hugs
5. A good cup of tea
6. Morphine
7. My friends

7 things I don't understand:
1. Why void * is better than char *
2. The ISO 7-layer model
3. Why I'm so lucky
4. How itches migrate around my body
5. Why people watch TV all night
6. Why wombats have square shit
7. How come we can't get cinnamon Tic-Tacs in the UK

7 things on my desk:
1. An Anthology of English Medieval and Renaissance Vocal Music
2. A John Dunstable CD
3. A one-pint mug of tea
4. Morphine
5. Tobacco
6. Stains
7. A used paper tissue

Right now you are:
1. Listening to the rain
2. Worrying about my abused OD friend
3. Waiting for Jus to come home
4. Thinking "bath before supper or supper before bath?"
5. Thinking my feet are getting cold
6. Trying to remember to buy more ibuprofen
7. Discovering an exceedingly ill-sited toast crumb

7 facts about you:
1. Piriformis syndrome lets me point my feet in silly directions
2. I use my right hand for strength and my left for fine control
3. I used to sell sex
4. I try not to think of myself as disabled
5. I work from home
6. I never told Alan that I loved him, and I should have
7. My sister is so amazingly cool

7 things to do before I die:
1. Go to Egypt
2. Visit all my friends
3. Adopt a kid
4. Finish writing the short story that's been in my desk drawer for years
5. Find Alan and tell him that I did love him
6. Undergo apotheosis
7. Stop breathing

  • Rah!

    The DVT Team have just got back to me, and I have a scan scheduled at 2:30 this afternoon. I'll let you all know how things are going when I get back.

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  • Wonderful name!

    I just got spam from "Geniality J. Dachshunds". For some reason I find that name delightful.

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