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Playing catchup

Today's the day for trying to get everything sorted, or at least set in progress, because I shall be away for the weekend. BFD, I hear the chorus; but hey, it's actually not often that I do get away for so long, and I'm going to be diligently good in avoiding the use of computers while I'm away. It'll be tough, because the T00bs collectively are a bunch of geeks - how many computers did we end up with on the network at MacT00bage? - but I Shall Be Good.

W00h00, I'm going to Oxford!

Today's hot and sunny and sticky again: 22 Celsius and 38% humidity. I can live with that if I close the curtains against the light (oh, the joys of pale eyes and a photosensitive sneeze!), turn on the fan and drink plenty; what's bugged me worst is this new allergy, which is back again with a vengeance. So I gave in, and toodled to the shop (I needed a lightbulb anyway) and bought a week's supply of cetirizine tabs. Let's hope they work, or I'll be met in Oxford with cries of "No, the HP Lovecraft fandom meet is next door - nice slime, though!"

I'll try to clear off the latest batch of Requests For Interview today - no promises I'll get them all done, mind you. I need to set a few Draco-things in motion *rubs hands and cackles madly*, and there's some other odd gubbins that's been hanging fire a while. So probably not many updates today.

ObTMI: the sausage damage is much abated. Thank you.

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