December 10th, 2001


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I ought to be working, but I'm not. You're all too fascinating.

I actually had a good night's sleep for once, after a completely exhausting weekend, of which perhaps more later.

I have nearly got the Powerpoint thing done, after much screaming, tugging of hair and other visible and audible signs of distress. I should be diligent and finish it now, but instead I'm torn between

* Wittering more in LJ and reading what joy my friends have been having this weekend;
* Having a long bath with some lovely lavender essential oil;
* Watching Chocolat, which we've rented on DVD.

Oh, the punishment of luxury :)
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OK. Decision time.

Order of events:

* Finish Powerpoint presentation (oh, I'm such a Virgo)
* Have lunch
* Take long leisurely bath with lavender oil, jasmine candles, and a book
* Watch Chocolat while eating Green&Black's.
* Fantasise madly about Juliette Binoche ;>

Tchah, I'm a rampant sensualist today. Sosumi.

Virtue is its own punishment



I was just finishing off the bloody presentation when something bad happened.

Time to reload the backups...

--Kay, who is somehow convinced that if he'd just had lunch and his bath, watched the film, and then maybe done the last edits, everything would have been just dandy.
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